Why Learners Find Math a Hard Subject

Reasons Why Students Find Math a Complex Subject

Math is often considered a challenging subject. That is why it is common for online writing services to receive requests such as “please help me solve this math problem.” The most common reason why learners, especially those in high school or lower academic levels, find math a complex subject is because they failed to understand basic concepts thoroughly.

Since they lacked the general idea of how to go about solving the standard math questions, it becomes harder to expound on those concepts in higher education levels. However, there are many more reasons why students fail to grasp math and consider it a hard to tackle subject. Let’s consider the top five.

Requires Plenty of Effort

No one is born a math genius. Those who are good at this subject and even end up pursuing it as a university course have made it a habit to practice solving numerous math problems. Students that excel in mathematics do so because they practice all the types of mathematics.

This is because the concepts learned in one branch of math are often applicable not only in other math subjects but also in numerous disciplines. For instance, you will find that the material taught in calculus applies in statistics, physics, and engineering classes.

Besides, the phrase practice makes perfect applies in mathematics because if you frequently practice in areas such as multiplication, you are more likely to find that topic easier and more fun to solve its problematic questions.

Several Math Branches

Mathematics is a very diverse subject. It can be broadly categorized into:

  • Statistics and probability
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry

These divisions stem from two main math branches: Pure and applied mathematics. Subjects likely to be studied in pure math are algebra and calculus while in applied statistics and probability. As learners proceed in higher levels, they encounter other subsections like Cartesian geometry, matrix, and topology.

In all these branches, divisions and subdivisions have their own unique formula, concepts, and techniques of solving the equations and questions. The problems come in when a student is good in one math branch but find the other boring.

When they get overwhelmed by the questions in that subject, they consider it hard or to better comprehend the complex concepts they turn to a subject expert say, “please help me solve this math problem.”

Fail to See It’s Applications

Learners also have to understand the application of math and the skills they intend to gain. Learning math enhances creativity and is more logical towards life. However, applying the knowledge into real-life situations requires patience, persistence, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

For students, gaining and sharpening these abilities take time, and to most, it does not come naturally. That is why some would rather learn from an expert to supplement the knowledge gained in a classroom.

Besides, a single math problem can take a few minutes or even an hour to complete. Sitting down and setting several hours aside to practice for students with a busy schedule is challenging. However, by opting to tell a subject expert, “please help me solve this math problem” is a way to understand a topic quicker.

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