To dedicate one’s life to a science, to having a doctorate and to prove the doctor’s degree with his own achievements is a great dream and honorable mission of a scholar. A long and difficult journey leads to this worthy title, which you need to earn first.

For some students, the doctoral thesis is a true Sisyphean work, which seems hardly feasible. In part, this assessment is not without reason.

A doctoral thesis is a scientific work to obtain the doctoral degree. This type of academic writing is in a sense complicated, time-consuming and labor-intensive, needs to be properly prepared and structured before it is actually termed a doctoral thesis. That’s why it’s no wonder to need help with a doctoral thesis.

A doctoral student is a student who aspires to the doctor’s highest academic title and deals with a current topic for his point of view, empirically or theoretically presenting the insights gained in his research and then defending his idea on the oral exam – Rigorosum.

The fact that it must be a precise scientific work, the doctoral student should follow certain requirements, logically structure the structure of a doctoral thesis and build required components according to established rules.

In general, a proper doctoral thesis must be divided in terms of content:

  • introduction
  • question
  • methods section
  • Results
  • Summary

Depending on the subject, the peculiarities of the realization differ from a practical part, they will differ significantly in a doctoral thesis in English and in medicine. Usually you need help with writing, if you rely on statistics, tests, tables, reading and correction of the doctoral thesis. However, the preparation of the project is one of the most important points to consider right from the beginning. In addition, one also needs to be aware that it is about new knowledge, some research novelty and as a result a scientific problem has to be solved.

How do you organize productive preparation: with the help of a good example of the finished diploma thesis or do you prefer to write a dissertation?

There are of course dozens of golden tips, best solutions and opinions.

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