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When to buy a stroller – tips at the right time

When to buy a stroller – A question that is not at all banal! Here you will find tips for the right time to buy a stroller.

But when the first critical phase is over and the belly starts to grow slowly, it is time to start. Then expectant parents should start to look around. Maybe friends or acquaintances have a baby. Which stroller can you recommend? Which one fits best folded up in the trunk ?

When to buy a baby carriage – one thing is certain: A good quality baby carriage must be purchased during the first pregnancy, but after the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Baby in a bowl – Andrea Gomoll – GomollDesign /

A tub is usually larger and more durable. A soft carrycot is especially suitable for parents who have to carry their baby up and down one, two or more floors. However, it is smaller than a tub and you can only push your child around for a few months with it.

When to buy a stroller – stroller

A stroller is the basis for every stroller model. You need the stroller attachment as soon as the baby no longer fits into the bath or soft bag. It can be adjusted flat like the other attachments. Many babies cannot sit yet when the first attachment has become too small. Everything around the stroller is just a question of time. Not only the question: When to buy a pram

When to buy a stroller – Buggy

When to buy a stroller – is one thing – when to use a buggy is another. A buggy should be used when the child is stable and can sit by itself.

At first you should only take short walks with it and gradually increase the duration.

When to buy a stroller – that is not only a question of time, but also a question of what the future might bring. So it is not only the time, but also the quality of the baby carriage that is decisive.

When to buy a stroller – too early is not advisable. You should definitely wait for the first twelve weeks. But then you can start thinking about when it makes sense to buy a baby carriage.

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