Pros and corns of homework

Is homework useful?

in discussions, written by Melanie

My first argument for the thesis “homework is not useful” is, that you need materials like pens and papers as well as aids like encyclopedias for homework and ask about essay on sterotypes. But these cost money and have to be bought first.

Another important argument in favor of the thesis is that the homework that the students do in the afternoon takes up the free time of the children and young people. The students often do not have time to meet friends, play soccer or learn a musical instrument five times a week.

However, there are also arguments for the thesis “homework is useful”, which i will now explain.

The fact that students learn to better organize their time by doing homework speaks itself. they have control over time. can decide themselves when want use free must be ready in a deadline.

In addition, independent work is supported and strengthened with the help of homework. The students do their homework at home, where no external help is available. This teaches them to think for themselves and to become creative. Homework promotes independence, creativity and the ability to form one’s own opinion.

Furthermore, homework helps to repeat and recognize errors. The mistakes are improved by the homework and avoided, for example, in class work. The homework is a good exercise for correcting mistakes.

In my opinion, homework is useful and should be given up further. Even if I don’t like to do homework and invest my free time for it, it helps me incredibly much, not only when practicing, but also for myself. I am learning to schedule tasks so that they are all completed at the right time and I am learning to become more independent.

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