Motivation letter

Education is an important and difficult phase on the way to life.

They learn a lot of new facts, take various exams, do small research assignments, write large diploma theses and apply for scholarships or positions in writing. Of course, academic work is difficult to write, but motivation is probably the most difficult task for students who have little experience in the field.

You can view many motivational letters on the Internet and use them as a sample. These differ substantially in the goal: apply for semester abroad, internship, Erasmus program, social year, scholarship at daad or job. Significant is also whether you go to a school or a university. There are general requirements for style and language of writing. You should take them as seriously as possible. The fact is that a letter of motivation is much more than just a document. It will help you get a scholarship or get your enrollment easier. Once you understand that, you should do everything possible to make this letter of motivation just perfect.

We have been dealing with the task of this kind for years and know exactly what the perfect motivation letter should look like. That is why many people order their applications from Sometimes it is very difficult to make a convincing personal appearance. We deal with the letter of motivation as a supplement for a bachelor thesis as well as for a job offer. So, if you want the best motivation letter, have our professionals write for you and get ready for a job interview!

The biggest mistakes in motivational writing

Since your application decides a great deal in your future, you should avoid any mistakes when writing a letter of motivation. We have written various letters and can draw your attention to the typical mistakes.

Contentless statements

The point here is that you should not do well-known repetitions. An application rather means that you will bring something new into the desired position. That’s why your text should be fresh, new and interesting.

Too many phrases

Mistakenly, one thinks one should emphasize one’s own motivation in as many variants as possible. Give a variety of reasons why you are considering the call for tenders, not just that you are the best fit.

No relation to the goal

Some applicants are wrong when they only talk about themselves. Although one should in writing, e.g. to the Medicine Master, but your letter of motivation must reflect the main foundations of your master’s program.


Of course you should put yourself in a better light, but without exaggeration. Your strengths should be argumentative, pragmatic and logical. Think about whether you would like to sympathize with them after reading.


There counts doing and not speaking or skills. Many can do what you do and many can talk about it for hours. Give preference to characterization of your actions. Tell about your special commitment and your own achievements.

Wrong language

A letter of application is not a scientific paper. It must not be written colloquially. Choose each word carefully and think about the meaning involved.

Logical structure

Do not skip to another topic in each sentence. Your words should have a logical consequence. Remember the thread and a good order of the text.

No plagiarism please

You must not write off, even if you find a foreign application very suitable. Do not risk your future.

Note spelling

Read the finished product well. You can also engage your friends or family for them to test your text. Especially if you write for the first time a letter of motivation for studying, it would be useful.

To feel save

Determine your goals, best sides and aspirations. If you are not sure what you want and what you are promoting, you better put the matter aside and try later.

Hopefully these tips will help you to write a successful application. In any case, you can contact our service and have everything required written.

For years, our experts specialize in motivational letters and help many clients achieve their goals. How do you write a letter of motivation? We have done a lot to answer this question as precisely as possible. We succeed in writing a good motivation because we always observe the following functions of a letter:

MS makes a general impression about your personality, your individual future plans and (very desirable) your positive attitudes;

MS arouses the reader’s interest in learning more about the candidate;

MS shows the benefits of your candidacy without offending others.

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