Essay on legal themes

Law Education

Process of long historical formation of norms of legal disciplines, from the moment of recognition of relations in the society to conscious regulation and their fixation within the state and ask about assignment help.

One legal education is the relationship in society, on the basis of which, in accordance with moral and principles of justice, the power structures consolidate the interaction in the field of economy, politics and culture (based on the needs of the population). As a result of consolidation of legal norms, a system of regulatory legal acts and rules of behavior recognized by the society is formed. However, deeper detailing and specification of relations in this or that sphere is possible only through lawmaking.

Preparation, adoption or amendment of legal provisions by authorized authorities (state institutions, trade union organizations, public associations).

Profession completes the legal education process. Thus, the process of law education is conditioned by the needs of the development of public consciousness, while the lawmaking activity is conditioned by the needs of the state will (which can go against public views).

Applicability of subjects of the legal doctrine on development, approval and official publication of the legal and normative principles of the state by the procedure determined in advance and approved by the authorities.

Literacy is an obligatory stage of law formation and a form of public authority activity, similar to law enforcement. The result of the normative-legal process is the publication of normative-legal acts.


The basis of the process of law-making in the sphere of publishing, approving, supplementing laws and bringing them to the final executors.

The legislative activity is complicated and important in the state regulation of public behavior, that is why its provisions are reflected in the basic law of the state – the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and are also fixed in the regulations of the Federal Assembly (procedural provisions). The legislative activity concerns only the supreme legislative bodies, which is the basis of the whole legal and regulatory system. That is why the process of lawmaking is correlated with the notion of lawmaking as a whole and a part of it, and is also a special case of normative activity.

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