Changing attachment

Dermal anchor when to change attachment

Change every 24h, or always at the same patch time. Leave a total of 2 weeks on the wound, change daily. After the first patch has been removed, care begins. Always wash hands before.

Disinfectant for wounds, Prontolind, or Octenisept Spray:
Apply a sufficiently large amount (spray 1-2 times) around the wound and let it work for one minute. Remove blood, crust, wound secretion as well as possible. Use a cotton swab or a swab to help. Then let it air dry. Never try to move or turn the jewelry strongly, otherwise there is a risk of the element becoming “loose” or being torn out! After disinfecting with a compress or a wound dressing, press on the wound for a few minutes.

Important rules

  • 2 weeks no solarium, sauna or sunbathing
  • 4 weeks no full baths, swimming pools
  • generally pay attention to this, that the surrounding skin area is not softened too much
  • no contact with pets or their fur
  • no contact of the wound with foreign body fluids
  • no contamination with cosmetic products (hair color, tanning cream, make-up, soaps, creams or lotions, etc.)
  • no contact with chemical cleaning agents, motor oils, heavy soiling
    no endurance sports, muscle training
  • no stress on the fresh wound from clothing

Dermal Anchor may bleed during the first few days

After that, a bruise may form around the visible attachment, which may be reddened. After a few days, the wound will secrete white-yellowish fluid. The Dermal Anchor and the surrounding skin area is sensitive to pressure in the beginning up to pain similar to a sore muscle. Important: do not remove or change the Dermal Anchor yourself, fix it with a plaster if necessary and do not use any other care products. The Dermal Anchor is only completely healed after 2-3 months! After that, the attachment can be changed at my place.

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