Cell phones in class. Is it a problem?

Opening for cell phone use in class

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Is a ban on cell phones in the classroom really useful?

The topic of cell phones in the classroom repeatedly causes disagreement between teachers and students. On the one hand, teachers see cell phones as a disruptive factor and try to prevent their use in class.

Anyway, there are various things to consider here: A short look at the clock of the cell phone is much less distracting than using games on the cell phone. Furthermore, there are always phases in the classroom in which the teacher for example responds to the question of a classmate, which has long been clarified for you, or phases of free work and you are already finished with the work.

During this time, using the cell phone to answer a message, for example, does not have any negative consequences in my opinion. In fact, on the contrary, you can use your cell phone during these phases, provided that you have access to the Internet, to get more information about the topic being discussed and to be able to attend classes. [read full text]

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