Essay on legal themes

Law Education

Process of long historical formation of norms of legal disciplines, from the moment of recognition of relations in the society to conscious regulation and their fixation within the state.

One legal education is the relationship in society, on the basis of which, in accordance with moral and principles of justice, the power structures consolidate the interaction in the field of economy, politics and culture (based on the needs of the population). As a result of consolidation of legal norms, a system of regulatory legal acts and rules of behavior recognized by the society is formed. However, deeper detailing and specification of relations in this or that sphere is possible only through lawmaking.

Preparation, adoption or amendment of legal provisions by authorized authorities (state institutions, trade union organizations, public associations).

Profession completes the legal education process. Thus, the process of law education is conditioned by the needs of the development of public consciousness, while the lawmaking activity is conditioned by the needs of the state will (which can go against public views).

Applicability of subjects of the legal doctrine on development, approval and official publication of the legal and normative principles of the state by the procedure determined in advance and approved by the authorities.

Literacy is an obligatory stage of law formation and a form of public authority activity, similar to law enforcement. The result of the normative-legal process is the publication of normative-legal acts.


The basis of the process of law-making in the sphere of publishing, approving, supplementing laws and bringing them to the final executors.

The legislative activity is complicated and important in the state regulation of public behavior, that is why its provisions are reflected in the basic law of the state – the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and are also fixed in the regulations of the Federal Assembly (procedural provisions). The legislative activity concerns only the supreme legislative bodies, which is the basis of the whole legal and regulatory system. That is why the process of lawmaking is correlated with the notion of lawmaking as a whole and a part of it, and is also a special case of normative activity.

Importance of homework

An essay on why homework is important

hello 🙂 you can write out your advantages. what do you think about that ?
That’s the problem, I can’t think of anything.
advantage: you practice the material again
means that theoretically you have to study less for tests
if you do this conscientiously can improve the grade

  • to look at the material again after the school day and to remember it. – Long term memory
  • to promote self-interest
  • Being critical to support

Okay what does that mean
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Discussion of homework

Discussion on the topic: Why homework makes sense?

  • you get routine
  • you can look up errors
  • you can memorize things better

teachers can better control what they have learned

Why homework is useful?

Many students complain about too much homework and do not do it because they think it is unnecessary. Teachers usually can’t explain why homework is useful and only mean briefly: so that you have something to do. So why is homework useful? This is the question I would like to answer in this explanation.

At school you get a lot of homework every day. Most of the students don’t like to sit and do their homework when the weather is fine. Many students, such as my brother and I, wonder why homework is useful.

From the teacher’s point of view, homework is useful because it allows them to better control what the students have learned. Homework is useful for students because it helps them to look up mistakes they make and fill in gaps in their knowledge. Furthermore, students can better memorize what they have learned. Most seriously, however, it is that one gets routine and thus makes fewer mistakes in the work. However, it should be added that many students do not have time to study because they are busy with homework.

In summary, homework is useful, but overdoing it can be harmful, as there is no more time to learn. Also, you don’t have time to play with friends. I would wish that there was no homework, because then you can decide for yourself how much and what you learn.

Cell phones in class. Is it a problem?

Opening for cell phone use in class

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Gymnasium Ulm

Is a ban on cell phones in the classroom really useful?

The topic of cell phones in the classroom repeatedly causes disagreement between teachers and students. On the one hand, teachers see cell phones as a disruptive factor and try to prevent their use in class.

Anyway, there are various things to consider here: A short look at the clock of the cell phone is much less distracting than using games on the cell phone. Furthermore, there are always phases in the classroom in which the teacher for example responds to the question of a classmate, which has long been clarified for you, or phases of free work and you are already finished with the work.

During this time, using the cell phone to answer a message, for example, does not have any negative consequences in my opinion. In fact, on the contrary, you can use your cell phone during these phases, provided that you have access to the Internet, to get more information about the topic being discussed and to be able to attend classes. [read full text]

Changing attachment

Dermal anchor when to change attachment

Change every 24h, or always at the same patch time. Leave a total of 2 weeks on the wound, change daily. After the first patch has been removed, care begins. Always wash hands before.

Disinfectant for wounds, Prontolind, or Octenisept Spray:
Apply a sufficiently large amount (spray 1-2 times) around the wound and let it work for one minute. Remove blood, crust, wound secretion as well as possible. Use a cotton swab or a swab to help. Then let it air dry. Never try to move or turn the jewelry strongly, otherwise there is a risk of the element becoming “loose” or being torn out! After disinfecting with a compress or a wound dressing, press on the wound for a few minutes.

Important rules

  • 2 weeks no solarium, sauna or sunbathing
  • 4 weeks no full baths, swimming pools
  • generally pay attention to this, that the surrounding skin area is not softened too much
  • no contact with pets or their fur
  • no contact of the wound with foreign body fluids
  • no contamination with cosmetic products (hair color, tanning cream, make-up, soaps, creams or lotions, etc.)
  • no contact with chemical cleaning agents, motor oils, heavy soiling
    no endurance sports, muscle training
  • no stress on the fresh wound from clothing

Dermal Anchor may bleed during the first few days

After that, a bruise may form around the visible attachment, which may be reddened. After a few days, the wound will secrete white-yellowish fluid. The Dermal Anchor and the surrounding skin area is sensitive to pressure in the beginning up to pain similar to a sore muscle. Important: do not remove or change the Dermal Anchor yourself, fix it with a plaster if necessary and do not use any other care products. The Dermal Anchor is only completely healed after 2-3 months! After that, the attachment can be changed at my place.

Pros and corns of homework

Is homework useful?

in discussions, written by Melanie

My first argument for the thesis “homework is not useful” is, that you need materials like pens and papers as well as aids like encyclopedias for homework. But these cost money and have to be bought first.

Another important argument in favor of the thesis is that the homework that the students do in the afternoon takes up the free time of the children and young people. The students often do not have time to meet friends, play soccer or learn a musical instrument five times a week.

However, there are also arguments for the thesis “homework is useful”, which i will now explain.

The fact that students learn to better organize their time by doing homework speaks itself. they have control over time. can decide themselves when want use free must be ready in a deadline.

In addition, independent work is supported and strengthened with the help of homework. The students do their homework at home, where no external help is available. This teaches them to think for themselves and to become creative. Homework promotes independence, creativity and the ability to form one’s own opinion.

Furthermore, homework helps to repeat and recognize errors. The mistakes are improved by the homework and avoided, for example, in class work. The homework is a good exercise for correcting mistakes.

In my opinion, homework is useful and should be given up further. Even if I don’t like to do homework and invest my free time for it, it helps me incredibly much, not only when practicing, but also for myself. I am learning to schedule tasks so that they are all completed at the right time and I am learning to become more independent.

Runtime tips

When to buy a stroller – tips at the right time

When to buy a stroller – A question that is not at all banal! Here you will find tips for the right time to buy a stroller.

But when the first critical phase is over and the belly starts to grow slowly, it is time to start. Then expectant parents should start to look around. Maybe friends or acquaintances have a baby. Which stroller can you recommend? Which one fits best folded up in the trunk ?

When to buy a baby carriage – one thing is certain: A good quality baby carriage must be purchased during the first pregnancy, but after the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Baby in a bowl – Andrea Gomoll – GomollDesign /

A tub is usually larger and more durable. A soft carrycot is especially suitable for parents who have to carry their baby up and down one, two or more floors. However, it is smaller than a tub and you can only push your child around for a few months with it.

When to buy a stroller – stroller

A stroller is the basis for every stroller model. You need the stroller attachment as soon as the baby no longer fits into the bath or soft bag. It can be adjusted flat like the other attachments. Many babies cannot sit yet when the first attachment has become too small. Everything around the stroller is just a question of time. Not only the question: When to buy a pram

When to buy a stroller – Buggy

When to buy a stroller – is one thing – when to use a buggy is another. A buggy should be used when the child is stable and can sit by itself.

At first you should only take short walks with it and gradually increase the duration.

When to buy a stroller – that is not only a question of time, but also a question of what the future might bring. So it is not only the time, but also the quality of the baby carriage that is decisive.

When to buy a stroller – too early is not advisable. You should definitely wait for the first twelve weeks. But then you can start thinking about when it makes sense to buy a baby carriage.

Time for homework

Why it is important to take time for homework

Nevertheless, homework is important, and not (only) because you have to do it for school will get into trouble if don’t it. in the end, most benefit your regularly take enough time why this so, we explain article.

5 reasons why it is important and useful if you take time for homework

Reason 1: You repeat the fabric immediately and in the end you even save time.

Reason 2: You automatically improve your oral grade with this.

Prepared homework will make it easier for you to report to class and read some of it out loud. In addition, you are automatically well prepared for the next lesson so that you can easily report on the different topics. This will certainly improve your oral grade. This is especially important because it allows you to make up for any missed assignments.

Reason 3: You practice independent work – exactly as you need it in the class test.

Reason 4: You understand what is important to your teacher.

If you want to do well in your work, it is important that you prepare yourself for the right topics and questions. You will learn these in every subject, in fact, when you look at the homework. If it is very important to your teacher that you can structure a text well, she will give you such tasks several times. And if you have to do the same exercises over and over again for math, you can be sure that this is exactly the type of task that will be asked for in the next exam. And if you have done the tasks regularly, you are already prepared for it.

Reason 5: You recognize gaps immediately and not only when it is too late.

Another advantage of taking time for schoolwork is that you will immediately notice if you have not understood something. If you can’t understand the assignment, it’s better that you can ask immediately and that you don’t face the same problem in the exam. It also gives you the opportunity to get feedback on your solutions from the teacher so that you know in time if you need to spend more time in preparation.

Importance of homework

Why is homework important?

Hi, I have to write an essay about the question “Why is homework important” because I forgot my homework I have to write a whole A4 page :O

HELLPP 🙁 please help me I have to do it until monday the 20.06.11

5 answers

  • you thus learn the material at home again
  • there are more in-depth studies on the topic
  • man will thereby become more independent/disciplined to apply theory in practice
  • to check the understanding, so that you can ask again if necessary.
  • To be able to become active from the mostly passive attitude from school.

To repeat the things from the lessons and not forget them.i find them also to ************************** ;D

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How do I behave correctly in class essay?

How to behave correctly in class essay

Then simply place them with us. Free of charge and without registration What is your behavior in class? If you have to write an essay on the topic “How do I behave in class”, it is probably because you are misbehaving. So think about how you actually behave in class. Proper behavior also requires a certain amount of order. For example, it is wrong to collect garbage under the bench and hope that someone will clean it up. This also applies to smearing the blackboard without cleaning it later. Of course there are still many points here, but I would like to limit myself to these. The transfer of the panel painting can be done without big words. But how do I behave correctly in class? There is actually a very simple guideline: the teacher. The teacher also has a pedagogical responsibility towards his student and if you follow the rules of the teacher, you can’t really do anything wrong. At a book for teachers is presented, how they can teach rules to their students, and.

How do I write an essay in the classroom h3>

In class I must behave appropriately. I have to be quiet and I have to pay attention. I must not disturb or distract anyone from their work. I must let everyone finish and not call into class, but point out. I must not have a cell phone on. I must follow the instructions of my teachers. I am not allowed in class. Answers to the question: How do I behave in class? |

you should know how long have you been going to school? Otherwise, be strict with your behaviour.

Behaviour during lessons: Behaviour in class

    • How do I behave in class?- write? # #You don’t have to write the essay because of the teacher, but because of your inappropriate behavior. — in teaching behavior you should know. how long have you been going to school? otherwise strictly times one — must I write now something on the topic ”How do I behave in class”. Can someone help me what I’m doing? like to annoy the teacher by firing paper balls at him as soon as he turns to the blackboard. But it has many advantages. Good behavior makes e..

I also believe that I can do more if I am on the job and don’t waste my time with nonsense. Unfortunately, I sometimes find it very difficult to concentrate. For the next time I plan to follow the lessons more attentively and not to disturb them by talking, fooling around or running around unnecessarily. I accept others as they are Ic